Our Behavioral Aims

At New Oak christian church...

Members are to:  address the spiritual needs of our community by seeking the lost and NOCC members will also address the physical needs of our community through loving service.  Members will disciple and encourage each other in faith as the day of Christ’s return approaches.


Members will strive to become mature Christians through a life of prayer, worship, fellowship, service, church attendance, and Bible study.  Members will practice the stewardship of grace by using our spiritual gifts to love God and love others.


Members will bear the fruit of the Spirit as we work, worship, and fellowship together as well as while we are apart living out our everyday life activities.


Leaders will exhibit member qualities expected of them as well as be loving shepherds who are willing to exercise Christ’s authority given their position which includes spiritual guidance, visionary thinking, gentle correction, and playing an active role in church activities.

New Oak Christian Church

308 W. 37th St.

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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