tom wilford - elder

Tom's Core Responsibilities

  • Pray for and strive to discern God's will for OPCC
  • Provide Spiritual leadership
  • Oversee church business

What he does for OPCC: Teach Sunday School, serve on the Elder Board, and attempt to be an encourager.

Favorites about OPCC: The sense of family we have experienced since our first day here. The spiritual invigoration of being with other believers.

What is his favorite Bible verse: John 3:17, "For Christ came not to condemn the world but that the world, through him, might be saved."

Where he learned his stuff:

  • About Jesus' love for me - from my Mom
  • To work hard - from my Dad and Mom
  • To love others in Jesus name - from my childhood church family.
  • To run a business - from my parents-in-law
  • How friendship can change a life - from Tim Cronin whose simple friendship radically changed the course of my life.

What makes him cry: A lot more than when I was younger.  Stories of lives changed by the power of God through His Holy Spirit.

What he cherishes: My wife Lori and kids, Gerrit and Grace.  Health.  Time spent in Worship

What he enjoys: Most any activity outdoors, especially if it involves my kids. Observing and contemplating architecture.

What is his greatest fear: Not living up to my potential as a husband and parent.

What are his hobbies: Noticing nature. Enjoying parenthood.

His bucket list: Restore a pre-1950's truck (not pickup) or live to be 100 years old, whichever takes longer.  Take a long road trip with my wife.

What is a life-long goal:  To know I had a God honoring impact on those I spent time with.

Oakwood Park Christian Church

308 W. 37th St.

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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