Exciting news!  God has given us an amazing vision of the way ahead for our church!

Come join us as we explore ways to fulfill our newly defined Mission and Vision:

Mission Statement:  Fulfilling the Great Commission and serving as Christ's Ambassadors who love and prepare others for his return.

Vision Statement:  To demonstrate our love for God and for others through attentive Hearing, Seeing, and Doing.

More to come soon!  Glory to God!

Events For The Month:

Just a Reminder:  Oakwood Park Christian Church continues to hold it's Sunday Morning Worship Service at George Boom Funeral Home and Crematorium. George Boom is located at 3408 E. 10th St.  We will be in the rear reception area in the lower level. The service will begin as usual at 10:30 am. Please note this is a temporary change and you will be notified of any future sites for our Services until the Replant is completed.

Sunday School: Sunday School is on hold until further notice. We will let you know when it will begin again. Any questions, please see Mike, Dave, or Pat.

Artistic Talents: We are looking for any artistic individuals who would like to come up with an artistic original way to show how our new name "New Oak Christian Church" can be represented in a small logo or drawing! Please make an original sketch that best illustrates our new name and commitment for the Replant effort. Please drop it off at the church office.

 The Vote is in: The vote is in and I am happy to report the new church name for the Replant Effort is: NEW OAK CHRISTIAN CHURCH!! Please join us in this happy time, and join us in praying for our Replant and the new beginning for our "Family". This name will take effect when it is approved by the state of South Dakota and we are officially Replanted.

Future Events: If you have any future events coming up that you want publicized, please call me, Mike Root at 605-339-4145 and i will be happy to put the event on our Facebook page, or the church website. ( opccsf.org).

Thanks and God bless you all,


Events Calendar: The events calendar section of this site is now up and running. Please check it out to see future events that are coming up each month. 

Thanks and God bless,  





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