Exciting news!  God has given us an amazing vision of the way ahead for our church!

Come join us as we explore ways to fulfill our newly defined Mission and Vision:

Mission Statement:  Fulfilling the Great Commission and serving as Christ's Ambassadors who love and prepare others for his return.

Vision Statement:  To demonstrate our love for God and for others through attentive Hearing, Seeing, and Doing.

More to come soon!  Glory to God!

Events For The Month:

Great News:  We will once again be having a Sunday potluck!!  Beginning with a Valentine’s Day themed potluck on February 10, 2019 after morning worship.  Please join us at the new church in fellowship with each other.  If you feel inclined, please bring a Valentine’s Day themed dish, or snacks to share with all our family!  Invite family, friends, or new visitors for this church fellowship time. We hope to see you all there.


S.T.A.F.F. Update:  Beginning on February 3, 2019  the Youth (S.T.A.F.F.) Group will begin meeting at 6:30 pm on Sunday nights at  the Church (Sioux Falls Lutheran School).  Any questions, please see Pat or Samantha.

Church Tasks:  As we have been talking about, there are several ways that our members can serve the church.  We have several sign-up sheets on the welcome table that you can pick some way to help the church.  These tasks range from Communion setup, to bringing a snack for fellowship,  or setting up and tearing down the church for Sunday Worship time.  Please, if you want to serve, sign one of the sheets and give your time to the Lord!

Volunteers Needed:

Hi everyone, we are in need of several volunteers to assist in the set-up and tear down of the weekly Church Service.   We set-up on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm at the Sioux Falls Lutheran School at (308 W. 37th Street),  and then clear away everything after the fellowship time on Sunday.   All volunteers would be greatly appreciated for this task! More helpful hands will make the work much easier on us all.   If you can help, please sign up on the sheet at the church service.

Sunday School Reminder:

We have Sunday School Classes every Sunday morning  at 9:30 am at our new Worship location of the Sioux Falls Lutheran School.   If the teachers need to make any copies of lesson materials for the classes, please come to the church offices which are located at 427 N. Minnesota Ave. (Suite 102).  by noon on Wednesday.  Any questions, please call Mike at the office at (605) 339-4145.

Youth Takeover:  On Sunday February 3, the church youths will take over the church worship services!  The young people will run the service that will include prayer time, a sermon, and communion as normal.  Please bring your family and invite some friends to attend this first time event!





Oakwood Park Christian Church

308 W. 37th St.

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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